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How to make a sacred space.

No sacred space will look the same for everyone.  Firstly, you must figure out what you want your space to look, feel and smell like - for me, I love the smell of Lavender and sage and to be cosy. Creating a sacred space will help with meditation, yoga, journaling or just to make you feel safe and homely.  People often think that you need an abundance of room but that is not the case; it can simply be an alter full of crystals, incense and paintings or a nook with a meditation pillow and rug. It can even be outside under a tree, if that is what you are called to. The aim is to create a specific space just for you and for your meditative needs.  Here are some tips to create a space just for you; 1. Crystals - There is no such thing as too many crystals as they help amplify the energy. If you are unsure where to start, Quartz, rose quartz and amethyst are great starter ones and really cleanse the space.  I personally love citrine (for abundance), Tourmaline (for protection), Rose quartz (for love) and Selenite (for healing). 2. Pillow/blanket - A meditative pillow, bolster or sheepskin rug is needed for comfort purposes.  3. Incense - in my opinion, there is nothing quite like the smell of incense to make you relax. This can be a smokeless incense, sage/palo santo, herbal incense or incense sticks. Just make sure they are not made from synthetic ingredients and are the real deal. We sell Incausa and our incense blends for an uplifting and tranquil experience. Or if incense isn't your thing, a smokeless smudge spray will help clear the energy and it smells beautiful. You can also diffuse some essential oils. 4. Sound - this can be a mantra on repeat, crystal singing bowls, your favourite song, or just the sound of nature. Spotify and insight timer have a beautiful list of songs/practices to really set the tone. 5. Journal - You will be surprised what comes to you when you take the time out for yourself. Having a journal nearby is needed or start journaling what you are grateful for, your desires/wishes, what is no longer serving you and how you are feeling today.  Even write something down and burn it if you need to release it. Lastly, create a practice. This can be mediation, journalling, prayer or breath-work. Feel free to switch it up or simply commit to a practice for a period of time, start small and build it up.